• God's Plan for Humanity44:16

  • Communication, Community, and Communion29:47

Current Sermon Series 

  • Made in Their Image33:47

  • I Am One With God, God is One With Me29:44

  • Making A Name Great20:24

  • What is the Church?32:43

  • Grace or Ungrace36:21

Over 2 thousand years ago, all seemed hopeless in the world.  God had been silent for years and man was doing his own thing.  But God had a plan for man.  His silence didn't mean He didn't still love and desire a relationship with man.  So, on that night, God's plan to bring hope, redemption, and a new beginning to man began.  Who would have thought that, that simple night would become known as the "Holy Night."  A night where God's love was poured out to man and hope was available to anyone who would call on the name of Jesus.  

Join us in December as we look at the hope and joy that entered the world on that

"O Holy Night."